Introduction to Cub Scout Growth

The best things in Scouting happen at the unit level. It’s true for life changing experiences that happen in every pack meeting, and it’s true for recruiting as well. When packs and dens get involved, more youth are introduced to the adventure of Scouting than through any other recruiting campaign or method. We can’t do it without you!

Below, you’ll find resources and tips for making recruiting a fun and enjoyable experience that keeps the bigger picture in focus: growing your unit to reach more kids, strengthen your packs and have more fun!

Recruiting Resources:

Recruiting Tips:

Your District Executive works with the local schools to get flyers distributed in that school’s acceptable method (electronic or physical copy). Please remember that schools are busy and ever changing. Just because a flyer is delivered on a Tuesday, doesn’t necessarily mean it will go home the next day. Sometimes schools only send home flyers once a week. For this reason, scheduling your signup night in the first 10-14 days may lead to issues when it comes to promotion. The optimum time for a sign-up night is between September 3 and September 17; school has been in session for a few weeks and the popcorn sale has yet to begin.

Many of us fall into the mistake of asking for new adult leaders by standing up at a meeting and waiting for hands to be raised. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always work.

Take some time before your signup night to put together a list of all positions in the Pack that are available. From Den Leader to planning a snack at the November meeting, many positions can be filled that night. Some Packs will compile a large list and have every family choose one the night they sign up their child.

For a list of more specialized positions, a Family Talent Survey is available. You can find it at:

The best chance to recruit a new Scout is your signup night. Families have many choices of programs for their children to join. This is our night to shine! Being organized and friendly goes a long way on this evening. As you can imagine, the number of families returning after they “think about it” are not great.

Have physical copies of the applications available. If a family isn’t sure, have them fill out the form so you can contact them in 2-3 days to see if they are still interested or have any questions.

If you are accepting online applications – be sure to put out QR codes that will take parents directly to your unit’s sign-up. Think about having laptops or tablets available for registering (while making sure to wipe down between families).

Sometimes a good recruitment tactic is for a Scout to Ask a Friend. It can be as simple as having a Scout ask a friend to come to the next den meeting. A business card template is available for your use HERE that can be handed to the friend with the meeting information.