Programming Resources

Thank you so much for volunteering with one of our Cub Scout Packs, Boy Scout Troops, or Venturing Crews! Here are a few resources and forms you might need throughout the year. These will help you organize your unit’s activities for the next year. The resources and handouts have been divided into categories to help you find them better.  If for some reason you cannot find what you are looking for, please do not hesitate to ask. The NEIC Professional Staff is always here to help.

One more reminder in regards to handouts:  A digital copy of all flyers, forms, and information sheets handed out at Roundtables are added to the Roundtable Calendar entry after each monthly meeting in case you lose your copy or were unable to attend.

Please note:  All camping forms & documents are linked on the Cub Scout Camp & Boy Scout Camp pages under the Camping tab.

A representative of each unit (packs, troops, crews, and posts) can now complete the paperwork for renewing a unit charter online. Through the online rechartering process, you can indicate returning members, add new members, and update information for an individual or the chartered organization.

How to Use:

  1. Each unit must select an adult to be its renewal processor;
  • This adult must attend the charter renewal training offered in late fall by the Council. It is here that they will receive training and the unit access code to complete the online process.
  • This adult must have Chrome, Firefox, or Microsoft Internet Explorer 9, 10, or 11.
  • This adult should be selected sixty days before your unit’s charter expiration date.
  1. 45-60 days before the unit’s charter expiration date, the renewal processor need to click the “Recharter Now” button below to begin the process.
  2. When the online process is completed, the renewal processor prints the completed charter renewal application.
  3. The unit leader and the chartered organization representative sign the charter renewal application.
  4. Then turn the sign copy of the charter renewal into your District Executive, along with the material you received in your recharter packet (such as the Quality Unit Application), and all appropriate fees.

Anyone who wants to learn more about how Internet Rechartering works is welcome to attend the training offered in your district in late fall, or there is an interactive Internet Rechartering Tutorial to view for help.

Recharter Now
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Units can submit advancement for youth members online. Process ranks and awards online for the youth in your pack, troop, crew, ships or post. Add ranks, merit badges, or awards as they are earned. You can also update information on existing advancements (except for the Eagle Scout Rank).

To use Internet Advancement:

  1. Select an adult volunteer to be the unit advancement processor. This person must have Internet connectivity and Microsoft Internet Explorer.
  2. Obtain a unit ID code from the Council Scout Service Center.
  3. Gather information for advancement, including merit badge applications and advancement reports (records with dates are needed).
  4. Click the “Internet Advancement” button on this page. Follow the instructions in Internet Advancement to process advancements.
  5. When completed, print a copy of the advancement report and have the appropriate people sign the printed report. Finally submit it to the Council Office. Save a copy for your files in case of any discrepancies.
  6. Units should submit advancement reports monthly before the end of each month, or more often if needed. In December, please submit a report before the end of the month to update unit and council statistics for the year’s end.

Internet Advancement
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