October 2020 Nor’Easter

Recruitment Game Plan: Long Haul

This year, more than ever, we are in for the long haul when inviting families to join Scouting. A first round of “Join Scouting” nights have been held, but we know there are many families that have yet to be invited to the adventure of Scouting.

The council continues to provide support for packs and troops as they invite families to Scouting through advertising and paid media. But we also want to add some “organic” marketing exposure which may speak to parents more sincerely.

That is where our current Scouting families come in! When information about Scouting comes from our current families, the message feels genuine and carries more weight. Below are some ways you can help us invite families into the Scouting adventure.

  • Share your family’s Scouting experiences on a community social media page. For example share the below (customized to your specifics) on a Facebook group—Dubuque has one called DBQ Mamas.
  • “I am a Scout parent. My [son/daughter] is in pack [##] with [school]. We have enjoyed [getting to know new families/going to activities/trying new things]. Even with Covid, Scouting has continued, and we’ve done [fill in your activities].
    I’m happy to answer your questions about the pack as a parent. Or you can contact the Cubmaster at: [phone/email].”
  • Ask your child’s teacher to share information about an upcoming den meeting through their regular communication method.
  • If your school has a directory, use this to mail or email classmates invitations to an upcoming Scouting activity (den meeting/pack meeting).
  • Put together a video showing the activities your pack or troop has done since COVID. The council can help share this with paid promotions.

Unit Weekend Camping Reservations

Northeast Iowa Council Units are now able to reserve camping at Camp C.S. Klaus and Camp Burton through an online reservation system housed on www.scoutsiowa.org.

The rental system will go live at noon on Thursday, October 8, with rentals at Camp C.S. Klaus starting the weekend of October 16th. Camp Burton rentals will start the weekend of October 30th.

In addition to tent camping at Camp C.S. Klaus, and cabin rentals at Camp Burton, GPS units, weather radios, and the gaga pit may also be reserved through the online system.

A guidebook including the rules, how to make a reservation, fee structure and important logistic and health and safety information is available at: www.scoutsiowa.org/camping/

As usual, Camp Klaus is open to day visitors and fishing. You do not need to make a reservation if you are just visiting for the day.

Meet the New Order of the Arrow Lodge Advisor

The Northeast Iowa Council, and Timmeu Lodge 74, announce the appointment of Dave Scofield as the new Lodge Advisor.  Dave started a new troop in Peosta in 2013 and has grown it to one of the most recognizable troops in the Council, providing youth leadership throughout the area including Camp Klaus and The Order of the Arrow.  Dave and his troop have hosted several Camporall’s and have hosted one Camporee and Klondike Days.  Dave has served on several council committees and was the Scoutmaster for the Northeast Iowa Contingent to the 2017 National Jamboree.  Dave has been to the Boundary Waters twice, most recently in 2019.

Dave became a member of Order of the Arrow in 2014, completing Brotherhood in 2015.  He can be found at most Fellowship weekends working on a variety of projects with his assistant, “Pink Hat.”  He attended NOAC in 2018 and has been to various Section Conclaves.

Outside of Scouting he works at Hartig Drug where he is Director of Pharmacy.  He has served on various committees for the State Pharmacy Association as well as the Board of Pharmacy.  In his free time, he enjoys golf and being outdoors with his son Colin.

“I am honored that the Council has given me this opportunity.  Our current pandemic has taken its toll across our society and the OA is no exception.  I look forward to the challenge of building the OA to new heights.   I see involvement as my first major task.  I enjoy working with youth and watching their Scouting skills grow.  Especially the leadership opportunities that Scouting and the Order provides.  My hope is to bring more excitement into the OA so that every Scout anxiously awaits their name to be called by the Chief so they too can join the excitement of Timmeu Lodge.”

Career Programs: Exploring

The Exploring district of the Northeast Iowa Council is happy to share that there are 4 full Exploring programs taking place this fall. These programs give young men and women (ages 14-20) an inside scoop into different careers. If you know of someone looking at one of these careers, they will not regret taking one of the Exploring programs.

In addition, Exploring—with 9 community partners—has put together a free series of virtual job shadows and career panels. These will be interactive programs where students will have many opportunities to ask questions and gain real insights into their potential careers.

Health Careers Program  Starts October 5th  www.exploringdubuque.org/health
From pharmacy, to surgery, radiology, and more; this Exploring program provides students a chance to virtually tour various departments, meet professionals in the field, and ask plenty of questions!

Conservation & Wildlife Careers Program  Starts October 7th  |  www.exploringdubuque.org/conservation
The National Mississippi River Museum & Aquarium is a team of conservationists dedicated to inspiring stewardship of our rivers and history.  If you love animals, if you are passionate about making a difference as a community advocate and saving species from extinction, then working at a Zoo or Aquarium or any other number of conservation organizations could be for you.

Large Engine Mechanic Careers Program Starts October 14th  www.exploringdubuque.org/diesel
How many of us know what we are looking at when we pop the hood of a vehicle? Most of us see a mass of wires, belts and parts that make little sense. A mechanic sees something very different: A puzzle of pieces that fit together just as they should. Understanding that puzzle can help them narrow down the options, diagnose the problem, and have you back on the road as soon as possible. If this sounds like you, check out the Large Engine Mechanic Exploring program.

Nursing Careers Program Starts October 15th  www.exploringdubuque.org/nursing
During this program you will practice nursing skills, practice medical math, check out the state-of-the-art simulation lab, and discover the path to a successful nursing career.

Virtual Job Shadow: Marketing, Social Media, & Graphic Design October 8th at 10:00 AM  https://bit.ly/shadow_marketing
We have a fantastic free virtual job shadow planned for you at no cost! Career professionals from Forge Social will be here to discuss careers in marketing, social media, and graphic design. We do not expect you to miss your “in person” classes for this event. This virtual job shadow will also be recorded.

Virtual Job Shadow: Business Administration Careers October 14th at 10:00 AM  https://bit.ly/shadow_biz
We have a fantastic free virtual job shadow planned for you! Career professionals from Forge Social will be here to discuss careers in business administration.  We do not expect you to miss your “in person” classes for this event. This virtual job shadow will also be recorded.

Virtual Job Shadow: Sales October 20th at 10:00 AM  https://bit.ly/shadow_sales
We have a fantastic free virtual job shadow planned for you! Career professionals from Forge Social will be here to discuss careers in sales.  We do not expect you to miss your “in person” classes for this event. This virtual job shadow will also be recorded.

Career Exploration Webinar: Manufacturing & Utilities October 8th at 6:00 PM  https://bit.ly/mfg_util
We have a fantastic free webinar planned for you to learn more about careers in manufacturing and utilities. Representatives from local companies and colleges will be here to discuss careers in welding, machining, gas utility, lineman, and diesel mechanic.

First Generation College Students Webinar October 14th at 6:00 PM  https://bit.ly/1stgencollege
Are you a first generation college student? We have a fantastic free webinar planned for you to learn more about the college process and answer any questions that you may have.

Career Exploration Webinar: Healthcare Careers October 20th at 6:00 PM  https://bit.ly/web_healthcare
We have a fantastic free webinar planned for you to learn more about careers in healthcare. Representatives from local companies and colleges will be here to discuss careers in this exciting area.

STEM Olympics

The STEM committee is hosting a STEM Olympics for Cub Scouts on Sunday, October 25 at Swiss Valley Park. Activities will include:

  • Examining plants and trees
  • Competing against yourself in physical challenges
  • Agility obstacle course
  • Soccer Shoot out and Discus creation
  • Knot basics

Registration is $5 per participant. Registration can be made through the calendar on the council website (www.scoutsiowa.org).

Camp Updates

Even though the temperatures are dropping, we are looking forward to summer camp 2021! We are excited to announce the 2021 Scouts BSA Summer Camp Leaders Guide is finalized and available for leaders to look through. In the Guide you will find the merit badge offerings, program schedule in addition to  guidelines for the summer.

The Leaders Guide can be found at www.scoutsiowa.org/scout-camp/ along with the campsite reservation form and other information about camp in 2021.

Now is a great time to make your campsite selection for 2021! As a reminder—if your troop had reserved a campsite in 2020, we can move that deposit forward for your 2021 reservation. Please contact the Council Service Center at 563.556.4343 with any questions.

Scouts in Action!

You can’t keep our Scouts from Scouting On! Check out some of the cool things our Scouts have been up to! Be sure to follow our Facebook Page (BSANEIC) to see all the action!

  • Troop 14/114 cleaned a section of the Heritage Trail as part of a service project
  • Troop 137 created a Troop website and recruitment signs
  • Troop 64 held an Omelet Breakfast To Go as a Troop fundraiser
  • Pack 7 held their first-ever rocket launch

Troop 14/114

Troop 137

Troop 64

Pack 7

Popcorn Kickoff Weekend Sales Winners

Our top Cub Scout salesperson for the weekend was Charlie S. from Pack 91 in the Dubuque District!!!!!  Charlie sold $2,000 over the weekend.  Way to go Charlie!!! Charlie received the Pirates of Barracuda Bay LEGO set.

Our top Scouts BSA salesperson for the weekend was Jayden B. from Troop 7 in the Dubuque District!!!!!  Jayden sold $2,530 over the weekend.  Congratulations Jayden!!! Jayden received the Airpods with wireless charging.

We also wanted to send a special thank you to all the youth that participated in the kick-off weekend’s sales:

  • Pack 39 – Bradlee P. sold $1,774
  • Pack 38 – Hunter P. sold $1,654
  • Pack 53 – Noah H. sold $1,594
  • Pack 13 – John K. sold $1,546
  • Pack 14 – Nick D. sold $1,468
  • Pack 68 – Austin N. sold $1,458
  • Pack 30 – Dominic D. sold $1,404
  • Pack 5 – Joey Y. sold $1,340
  • Pack 35 – Evan B. sold $1,276
  • Pack 7 – Jedediah S. sold $1.082
  • Pack 100 – Gavin S. sold $1,024
  • Pack 55 – Evan B. sold $954
  • Pack 29 – Mason P. sold $764
  • Pack 47 -Brooke M. sold $561
  • Pack 15 – Jack H. sold $520
  • Pack 20 – Levi W. sold $388
  • Troop 91 – Owen K. sold $578
  • Troop 11 – George W. sold $450
  • Troop 34 – Jeremiah L. sold $210
  • Troop 137 – Samantha M. sold $36

Popcorn Important Dates

October 19 | Popcorn & Prize Order Due to the Council
October 31 | Popcorn Distribution
November 23 | Payment due to the Council

Popcorn Mystery Houses

We had a blast with the Mystery Houses the weekend of September 26! Congratulations to all the Mystery House winners!

Grant Updates

We are so thankful for the support of all our grantors. Below are some recent grants we have been awarded.

Community Foundation of Greater Dubuque provided additional funds to promote a successful Scouting for Food.

Mosiac Lodge provided funding for Scoutreach supplies.

Dubuque Kiwanis Club provided funding for Scouts to receive assistance to attend summer camp.

MercyOne provided funding for marketing items for the 2021 Scouting for Food drive.

McElroy Trust provided funding to support all Scouting functions.

Camp C.S. Klaus Golf Outing Recap

Even though the event was pushed back by 3 months, the Camp C.S. Klaus Golf Outing was a great success!

Seventeen teams swung through the 9 holes at Lone Pine Golf & Country Club in Colesburg, Iowa. After golfing, the teams made it back to the club house where a steak dinner, raffles and a silent auction awaited them.

Thank you to all the teams who joined us. We especially want to thank our Event sponsors: Country Bancorporation, and AHEAD. In addition, thank you to the golf committee who wrangled teams and sponsors to make the event a sell-out!

October 14Large Engine Mechanic Exploring Kick-Off

October 14—1st Generation College Bound Webinar

October 14—Virtual Job Shadow: Business Administration

October 15Nursing Exploring Kick-Off

October 19—Popcorn Orders due to the Scout Office

October 19Council Wide Virtual Cub Scout Recruitment Night

October 20—Virtual Job Shadow: Sales

October 20—Career Exploration Webinar: Health Care

October 30 & 31—Popcorn distribution

October 25STEM Olympics

November 23Popcorn Payment due to the Council