June 2020 Nor’Easter

Be A Scout Update

The world is adapting and changing to accommodate for the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.  In order for packs, troops, and crews to be prepared for recruiting new Scouts in the fall, all units should strive to have their Be A Scout unit pin updated with the most current information.

Updated unit pins allow for interested families to have the most accurate information when they search and find your unit on BeAScout.org. Between Fall Recruitment and the “Scout Me In Challenges”, BeAScout.org will be pushed to interested families to get information about the local packs and troops. Make sure potential Scouting families can find your information.

Members of the Key 3 (Cubmaster/Scoutmaster, Committee Chair, and Charter Organization Representative) can logon to my.scouting.org and go to Organization Manager to update the unit pin. Instructions and a How to Video are at https://www.scouting.org/resources/online-registration/.

Can Units Meet?

On Monday, June 8th the Northeast Iowa Council unit-level meetings and activities are permitted to resume in-person if meetings and activities can follow local government and Scouting regulations.  At this time District or Council level meetings and activities are not permitted to resume in-person.  These recommendations are designed to mitigate risk, but all participants need to be aware that any activity puts them at risk of exposure.  Please remember that exposure to coronavirus could be asymptomatic.  If a person becomes infected, they may become asymptomatic carriers and would then most likely infect other people unknowingly.  Unit Leaders are responsible for ensuring all participants follow the following regulations for Scouting activities and meetings:

  1. All local, state, and federal safety guidelines must be followed. Unit Leaders are responsible for reviewing and enforcing guidelines for not only your unit’s meeting location, but the location of any activity destination.  Local, state, and federal safety guidelines must be followed.
  2. Gain permission from your Charter Partner before resuming any meetings or activities. Some charter partners are not encouraging their members to meet in-person yet, are not opening their facilities for meetings or have imposed additional restrictions.  Rules or guidance from your charter partner must be followed.
  3. Ensure all BSA Youth Protection and Guide to Safe Scouting practices are adhered to.

Find full guidance at: www.scoutsiowa.org/articles/covid-19-updates.

Take on the Scout Me In Challenge!

Summer is just around the corner, and this year, we are launching the Scout Me In Challenge! Team up with your family, participate in exciting Scout-based activities, and earn prizes!

And – because you know Scouting is fun – we are asking your help in sharing the Scout Me In Challenge! It’s easy! Share the video. Ask others to take the challenge with you. Tag friends.

Sample Social Media posts:

  • Our family is up to the challenge. Will you join us in the Scout Me In Challenge?
  • We are excited to take part in the Scout Me In Challenge. Our kids are mostly excited about the cool STEM activities, while we can’t wait to do the outside activities. I hope you’ll take the challenge too!

Does your family have what it takes to complete the Scout Me In Challenge?

  • Use the Scout Me In Challenge cards to decide on activities your family will take on.
  • Participate in Scout-inspired activities
  • Submit your results to win prizes!

Get started at: https://mailchi.mp/scouting/smichallenge

Stay Camp: Hawkeye Area Council

Staying safe inside doesn’t have to be boring! Kids entering 1st through 5th grades are invited to join the Hawkeye Area Council staff and community volunteers for Stay Camp 2020 – coming to a living room near you!  Learn more and register here: https://hawkeyebsa.org/stay-camp/.

Camp Projects

Our Council’s Vice President of Properties, Aaron Seier wants to thank Maureen Seier, Karla & Rich Wienshank, Steve & Ruth Arlen, Megan Runde, Andrew Morgan and Steve Sheston for all their volunteer hours sewing and fixing tents & cots at Camp Klaus.

The crew has also been working on putting up a retaining wall behind the Trading Post. Aaron thanks Steve & Ruth Arlen, Kevin & Eric Davis, Steve Sheston, Jim Heller and Will Neumeister for all their help with this project.

Upcoming projects include repairing fence line, cleaning & sealing decks, washing windows, striping and waxing floors in the Health Lodge, new camp site, and plans for more female bathrooms down by Munter Lodge.

National Fee Increase

The National council just released new membership fees, including a “New Member Joining Fee” just for new members.

Know someone wanting to join Scouting? Encourage them to join now—doing so will eliminate their “New Member Joining Fee”.

See full announcement and FAQ’s at: https://scoutingwire.org/bsa-membership-fee-increase-details-and-faq/.

Camp Card Turn In

Camp Cards can be turned into the Council Service Center through the month of June. Please see the Camp Card Turn-in Procedure Suggestions for ways to collect cards and payments and the procedure for turning the cards and payment into the office.

View Procedure Suggestions at: https://rb.gy/gyavwu.

Fall Recruitment.

August is approaching quickly! That means fall recruitment.  Here are the top 2 things you can do to Be Prepared.

Packs: #1 Update your BeAScout pin. #2 Select leaders and get them trained.

Troops: #1 Update your BeAScout pin. #2.Take a look at your New Scout Guide.

Scout On! Merit Badge and Cub Scout Adventure Supplies

Supplies include:

  • Leatherwork
  • Indian Lore
  • Tool Boxes
  • Bird Houses
  • Periscopes
  • Native American craft kits
  • Planispheres
  • Compasses
  • Pocket Knives
  • Canteens
  • Survival Kits in a bottle
  • Flashlights
  • And much more!

Get a jump-start on your Scout’s next rank. We have rank specific items available, as well as hair bows, Cub Scout hats, and other accessories.

Merit Badge Pamphlets, Scouts BSA and Cub Scout Handbooks are ready for you! Pick them up now to get started early!

June 14—Fearful Symmetry Meeting 1

June  15-19– Hawkeye Stay Camp : Down on the Farm

June 21—Fearful Symmetry Meeting 2

June 22-26– Hawkeye Stay Camp: Build It

June 25Council-Wide Virtual Roundtable

June 28—Fearful Symmetry Meeting 3

June 29-July 3– Hawkeye Stay Camp: Heroes Among Us

July 5—Fearful Symmetry Meeting 4

July 13Boy Scout Golf Classic

September 21 Camp C.S. Klaus Golf Outing