The Northeast Iowa Council Key Three

<p><center><strong>Matt Tompkins</strong></center><center><em>Council President</em></center>

Matt Tompkins
Council President
The Council President is the top volunteer leader of the Council. This person gives leadership to all operations of Scouting and serves as chair at meetings of the Council, its Executive Board, and its Executive Committee. They work closely with other Council officers and the Scout Executive to plan and carry out all initiatives of Scouting; direct and supervise other volunteers; and establish effective relationships throughout the community.
<p><center><strong>Jeff Viviano</strong></center><center><em>Council Commissioner</em></center>

Jeff Viviano
Council Commissioner
The Council Commissioner leads the unit service function of the Council and helps maintain the standards of the Boy Scouts of America by guiding district commissioners who recruit and train a core of unit commissioners. This Scouter also acts as the inspirational leader for the Council, and promotes the quality of Scouting within units. The Commissioner oversees the unit charter renewal plan of the Council so each unit registers on time and with optimum membership.
<p><center><strong>Anna Hudak</strong></center><center><em>Scout Executive/CEO</em></center>

Anna Hudak
Scout Executive/CEO
The Scout Executive, as the Chief Executive Officer of the Council, is the principal adviser as well as the director of the professional and office staff members. The Scout Executive is trained and commissioned by the Boy Scouts of America, and works in cooperation with the Region and National Office. This person is selected by the Council Executive Board, and serves under its direction. He or she supervises all employees of the Council under the direction of the Council Executive Board. The Scout Executive recognizes and is committed to the vital role of volunteer Scouters at all levels of responsibility. He or she maintains standards and continuous operation of the Scouting organization and programs.
The Executive Board is a functioning group of elected volunteers who help achieve the goals and mission of the Council. Council board members play two roles:  They govern the organization and they also sign on as volunteers, agreeing to undertake any assignment reasonably asked of them.  Overall, the Board protects the long-range future of Scouting in the community. The Board’s main duties include:  hiring of the Scout Executive, Council fiscal responsibilities, the quality of the Scouting Program, strategic planning, fundraising, and management of any Council policy issues within the context of the Charter and Bylaws and the Rules and Regulations of the Boy Scouts of America.

Board membership consists of elected officers of the Council, nominated and elected community representatives, chairs of the board committees, district chairs, and the Scout Executive, who shall have no vote.

The Executive Committee is composed of elected Council officers, the Scout Executive, who shall have no vote, and others as appointed by the President and as approved by the Executive Board. The Executive Committee acts for the Executive Board in the intervals between board meetings. The Board receives the minutes of such meetings for approval at the next board meeting. The Executive Committee may not act contrary to action previously taken by the board.