Project Description

Useful Items Wanted

Occasionally individuals, companies, etc. have “gifts in kind” or items they no longer need that may be of use to the NEIC.  Useful items might be lumber, electrical supplies, photography supplies, plumping supplies, grass cutting & trimming equipment, as well as items for use in our handicraft areas at Camp C.S. Klaus.  Arts & crafts items are always needed for Cub Scouting programs.  The Council will provide a letter thanking you for the donation that can be used to deduct the value of the items from your taxes after consulting with your own tax professional. To donate, please call the Council Service Center first at 563.556.4343 or our Camp Klaus Properties Chairman, Aaron Seier.

Items we are currently looking for…

  • Building materials for upcoming projects such as, treated dimensional lumber, plywood, rebar, hardened bolts & general fastening hardware.
  • Treated wood for building new tent platforms and out diggers
  • Railroad ties or large treated posts for trail maintenance and steps
  • T-Posts and fencing wire to fix fencing on property lines
  • Professional services in construction, fire equipment inspection, electrical, plumbing, kitchen equipment, tree trimming & removal, small engine/lawn mower repair, etc.
  • Grounds maintenance materials such as, new shovels, picks, lobbers, bow-saws, wheel-barrows, chain-saws, weed whips, weed killer, etc.
  • Summer camp program materials: art supplies, indoor & outdoor games, cleaning supplies, push brooms, etc.
  • Picnic table for the Council Service Center