Project Description

Useful Items Wanted

Occasionally individuals, companies, etc. have “gifts in kind” or items they no longer need that may be of use to the NEIC.  Useful items for program areas of Camp C.S. Klaus are listed below.  The Council will provide a letter thanking you for the donation that can be used to deduct the value of the items from your taxes after consulting with your own tax professional. To donate, please call the Council Service Center at 563.556.4343.

Items we are currently looking for…

  • Foreign currency
  • Wood cookies
  • Weather map
  • Water Basketball Hoop
  • Paddle/Oar Rack
  • Sail Shades
  • Electronic Open/Closed Sign
  • Pegboard
  • Safety Glasses (shooting sports)
  • Caution Tape
  • Basswood Blocks
  • Paper Cutter
  • Paper Screens (for pulp & paper)
  • Medic Transport Case (tackle box style)
  • Animal or Environment Books
  • Heat Lamps (ecology)
  • Spinning chair
  • Waterproof first aid kit
  • Rescue Throw bag
  • Hair Ties (tower)
  • Twine bundle
  • Axe Sheathes (2)
  • Strikeforce Flint and Steel
  • Megaphone