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Ryan Graney – Volunteer Spotlight

The Northeast Iowa Council is pleased to honor Ryan Graney as a Spotlight Volunteer! Ryan currently serves as the committee chair for Troop 7. This is his 4th year in Scouting.

Ryan and his wife, Laurie, have a son, Brett, and daughter, Emily. Brett is a member of Troop 7.  Outside of Scouting Ryan has worked for John Deere in facilities maintenance for 15 years. In his free time, Ryan also enjoys camping hiking, backpacking, and fishing.

What motivates you to give your time to Scouting?
Spending time with my son and getting to do all the Scout activities I never had a chance to do growing up. Also meeting and working with the leaders and leadership in the council.

What aspects of Scouting do you enjoy the most?
Camping, working on Scout projects, and being outdoors.

What have you learned through Scouting?
The best laid plans need to have backup plans. That is the magic of Scouting. No matter what the plan is, things can change due to circumstances beyond your plan. Roll with the punches, the Scouts are still going to have a good time even if the weather isn’t the best or the event doesn’t go as planned.

What advice can you give to new Scouting parents?
The troop thrives with actively engaged adults. Ask questions. Volunteer to do small things to start with such as mentoring a Patrol The adult leaders were once in your shoes too. Stick around during the meetings and just watch what happens. What may look like chaos is when things happen. Don’t be afraid to volunteer just on a few campouts or help out at the meetings.

Please share a favorite Scouting memory.
First time going to Summer Camp as a new parent for a couple of nights, completely unaware of what I was getting into. It was awesome! The activities were well planned yet allowed for flexibility.

On behalf of the Northeast Iowa Council, please help us say thank you to a very dedicated Scouter, Ryan Graney!