Project Description

Memorials & Tribute Fund

Words too often do not express the sentiment we feel at the death of a friend. No finer tribute can be paid than to encourage a boy to live the life of a Scout, and thus perpetuate the high principles you admire in your friend or family member. A contribution to the Boy Scout Permanent Endowment Tribute Fund is the perfect tribute. The Permanent Endowment Tribute Fund crosses all lines of religion and wealth.  It warms the hearts of all involved. Your gift to this fund is:

  • A gift that will live on forever for the future of Scouting in the Northeast Iowa Council permanent endowment fund
  • A tribute to the one whom you wish to honor
  • Promptly acknowledged with a tribute certificate
  • A convenient way of expressing your feelings
  • A tax deductible contribution and a private expression

Please mail your gifts to:
Permanent Endowment Tribute Fund
Northeast Iowa Council, BSA
P.O. Box 732
Dubuque, IA 52004-0732