Project Description

Name: John Morarend

Hometown: Dubuque, Iowa
Unit: 51
Eagle Project Location: Heritage Trail near Dubuque, Iowa

Eagle Project Description: John poured and installed 6 new concrete pads with 6 concrete benches, along various locations on Heritage Trail near Dubuque.

What is your proudest achievement on your path to becoming an Eagle Scout? For years to come I will be able to see people enjoying my project, and knowing it will be there for years to come.

How did earning the rank prepare you for the future? Earning this rank prepared me for the future, by teaching me how to plan for different things and outcomes.

What advice would you give to younger Scouts who aspire to become Eagle Scouts? I would tell Scouts who aspire to become Eagle Scouts to not quit when you no longer find it fun, some of the best people you could know you can meet through Scouts.