Project Description

Name: Jacob Patterson

Hometown: Asbury, Iowa
Unit: 94
Eagle Project Location: Cloie Creek Park in Asbury, Iowa

Eagle Project Description: Jacob planed 35 ornamental and native trees and shrubs in the new Cloie Creek Park for the City of Asbury. He also planted grasses and perennials around a large piece of limestone.

What is your proudest achievement on your path to becoming an Eagle Scout? My proudest achievements from my long path to Eagle would probably be making it to Philmont, being a troop guide to my brother and other Scouts, and standing up at the front of the room at my Eagle ceremony.

How did earning the rank prepare you for the future? Earning Eagle has put me miles ahead of others. Scouting has taught me life and leadership skills that will set me apart from others, and will lead me to success.

What advice would you give to younger Scouts who aspire to become Eagle Scouts? Don’t rush getting your Eagle, but also don’t wait to the last second to get it.Slow down, earn extra merit badges, don’t skip campouts, stay involved and make sure you make it to Philmont at least once!