Project Description

Name: Daniel Fiske

Hometown: Dubuque, Iowa
Unit: 69
Eagle Project Location: Asbury City Park in Asbury, Iowa

Eagle Project Description: Daniel constructed a 15-foot diameter circular slab of concrete surrounded by six 20′ poles with 6 flags for the 5 respective branches of the United States Armed Forces along with the P.O.W. Flag. Centered in the slab is a 25′ flag pole displaying the Flag of the United States of America. Protruding from/around the American flag, is a circular bench which provides visitors a place to sit and reflect.

What is your proudest achievement on your path to becoming an Eagle Scout? The completion of my extensive project. The moment it was all over and it turned out to be amazing.

How did earning the rank prepare you for the future? It taught me many life skills that included leadership, patience, and responsibility.

What advice would you give to younger Scouts who aspire to become Eagle Scouts? Work hard, live by the 12 points, and don’t let outside influences keep you from your goals and aspirations.