Project Description

Camp C.S. Klaus Tribute Garden

A Tribute Garden is proudly displayed at the parade grounds of Camp C.S. Klaus. The Tribute Garden consists of personalized engraving bricks. Each engraved brick represents a significant contribution* to the Camp C.S. Klaus endowment fund.

Many people have shown interest in donating for the improvement of Camp Klaus in memory of a loved one or to honor other’s contributions. While many benches have been constructed and heavily used by patrons of the camp, the idea of creating a permanent area that could help support further improvements at Camp C.S. Klaus was discussed by volunteers. As a result of these discussions, the creation of a tribute area was decided upon.

The Parade Grounds at Camp C.S. Klaus was the natural choice for the Tribute Garden as it is the ceremony site, meeting point, and social area for many Scouting events. What better place could there be to share the memory of and honor members of the Northeast Iowa Council family?

What you need to know
Brick Size: The initial brick size will be four inches by eight inches.
Brick Color: The bricks will be red, similar to the concrete around the flag poles.
Character Limits: Three lines with 14 characters each will be allowed on each brick.
Timing: Engraving and installation of bricks will be done in phases.
Placement: We reserve the right to edit text and cannot honor placement requests.

Tribute Garden flyer