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Andy Draus – Volunteer Spotlight

The Northeast Iowa Council is pleased to honor Andy Draus as a Spotlight Volunteer! Andy currently serves as the Dubuque District Commissioner. Andy was selected as a Silver Beaver recipient and presented the award in 2021.

Scouting for Andy dates back to his youth. A highlight was likely when he was awarded the Eagle Scout rank in 1979.

Since 2007, Andy has provided unit-level service in multiple roles. This includes Tiger Adult (1 year); Den Leader (2 years); Chartered Organizational Rep (4 years); Committee Member (13 years); Cubmaster (2 years); Assistant Scoutmaster (10 years); Unit Training Chair (11 years);

He has not limited his service to the unit level. Training has been a focus area for this Scouter. He has served on the District Training Committee since 2015. In 2016 and again in 2019 he served on Wood Badge staff. He has also served as Dubuque District Scouts BSA Roundtable Commissioner since 2016.

The Dubuque District honored Andy with the District Award of Merit in 2016 for his service to the District.

Andy’s service outside of Scouting included service as the 2015-2017 fundraising chair for Maquette High School. Along with his family, he spends a time doing volunteer work at Albrecht Acres. He also continues to help plan local events as a member of the Rotary Club. Additionally, he is a eucharist minister for his church, St. Joseph’s. In 2016, the local Catholic Committee for Scouting awarded him with the St. George award for his service to youth.

On behalf of the Northeast Iowa Council, please help us say thank you to a very dedicated Scouter, Andy Draus!